Proposed Subdivision at Center of Thomas County Controversy

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They're just empty cotton fields now, but 193 acres along A. Sherrod Road in northeast Thomas County may soon be a bustling subdivision, a possibility neighbors such as Ben Sherrod hope to never see.

Sherrod says, "I understand my neighbor wants to do something with his land. He should have the right, but I don't feel he has the right to put 400 houses out here."

But others say they won't mind the addition to their neighborhood.

Neighbor John Pritchard says, "Anything new is good. It's not like they're going to bring in 200 dilapidated houses and make the street look bad."

The property at the center of the controversy is currently zoned as agricultural and "R-1 Residential," a classification that must be changed to "R-2 Residential" for the proposed plans to move forward.

"R-2 zoning is completely out of the question. You can see right now we don't have any traffic on this road, and we don't want any traffic on this road."

Wayne Parramore, President of South Georgia Land Development Corporation, the company that owns the land, declined comment.

A zoning request for the proposed subdivision was approved by Thomas County's Planning and Land Use Commission last week, and will go before county commissioners Monday night for final approval.

Monday night's Thomas County Commission meeting will get underway at 6 p.m.