Carrot Capital of the South

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Peaches, pecans, and ...carrots?

"Recognizing Echols County and the Lake Park area of Lowndes County as the carrot capital of the south."

That's right! The state of Georgia has declared Echols County the carrot capital of the south. Echols County produces more than 140 million pounds of carrots each year.

State Rep. Ellis Black says, "Currently Echols County produces between 60 and 70 percent of the carrots growing in Georgia, and Georgia is the second largest carrot producer in the nation, second only to California."

Agricultural Commissioner Tommy Irving says, "It's a developing market we hope will have great success."

County leaders say the growth of the produce industry brings more and more people to the area, and with this new recognition comes, they can only hope, more attention.

Black says, "We think the carrots here have the potential of getting the recognition like Vidalia onions have been able to obtain."

Irving says, "We want the recognition that we have a qualified product; very tasty, and sweet. It's enjoyable and want people to know about."

And by naming Echols County the carrot capital of the south, Georgia hopes they'll get the recognition they deserve.

Echols County's produce industry continues to grow. Last year it brought in an estimated $60 million.