Tallahassee Police Land Huge Pot Bust

Numerous Ziploc bags containing pot were discovered in a car at the Cabot Lodge motel on Raymond Diehl Road.

Tallahassee police received a tip that Alex Nichols was driving a Mercedes from south Florida carrying the drugs and was scheduled to arrive around midnight last Saturday.

SGT Stoll says, "When the suspect went to check in and we used our drug detector to sniff the car, the gentleman came out and we told him what were doing and he gave us the keys and there was 70 pounds in the car hidden in luggages."

In addition to the pot, police discovered ecstasy. Nichols is now in the Leon County Jail charged with trafficking cannabis, possession of ecstasy with intent to sell, and possession of a controlled substance.

The street value of the drugs is estimated at $314,000.

Bail is set at $100,000.