Extra Lanes Will Provide Relief to Area Motorists

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Local leaders broke ground on a construction project to widen the portion of Capital Circle Northwest from I-10 to Highway 90.

"It is a six-lane divided highway with bike lanes and sidewalks," says Leon County Commissioner Cliff Thaell.

Tallahassee motorist Scott Eunice says, "Just to go two to 300 yards at rush hour time, as well as lunch time, could take as much as 15 minutes."

The cost for this portion comes with a $91 million price tag. Sixteen million in federal dollars has been secured. The rest will come from the city and county's penny sales tax.

"If you are going to continue to grow Tallahassee, this link from I-10 to the airport is a very important link and it has been a bottleneck," says Florida Congressman
Allen Boyd.

Motorist Allen Payton adds, "My wife and I live on the other side of Capital Circle where they have already widened it. Before, it was a big mess like it is over here."

A new regional storm water pond along Tennessee Street will be used to treat water coming from Capital Circle.

Widening of this segment is expected to last about two years. The cost for entire Capital Circle project is about $350 million.