Pestonit Sentenced to Life for Girlfriend's Murder

A Tallahassee man accused of strangling his girlfriend and fleeing to Nevada will spend the rest of his life in prison for it, and while Doris Losey's family is glad to have some closure, they never got the apology they wanted.

Carolyn Losey, the murder victim's mother, says, "The last words I spoke to her was, 'I love you.' This is the greatest tragedy of our lives and we will never get over it."

As Doris Losey's family tried to describe life without her, Doris' ex-boyfriend Mario Pestonit sat in handcuffs and tears, and wouldn't even look at them.

Gerald Losey, the victim's father, says, "This is another one of those worst days of your life."

Pestonit is accused of strangling Doris Losey at her home back in July of 2004 because he feared she was about to break up with him. He fled Tallahassee in her car and was eventually caught in the Nevada desert.

Judge Jonathan Sjostrom said, "There will be no possibility you'll be released from prison. Do you understand that?"

Pestonit faced the death penalty for Losey's murder, but opted for a plea deal and a life sentence instead.

Janet Maxwell, the victim's cousin, says, "Just stand up and apologize to us all and let us know that you're remorseful and you're sorry."

She never got that apology. Pestonit's lawyer did it instead, and as distraught family members cried and hugged in the courtroom, Pestonit cowered in the corner until he was ushered out a back door.