2 Boys Steal School Bus; Joyride Across 2 Counties

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By: Kevin Clark
July 24, 2014 11pm

Madison, FL - A 17 year old and a 12 year old have been arrested for stealing a Madison School District Bus and taking it for a joyride through Madison and Hamilton Counties.

Authorities tell us bus yard officials found one of the school buses stolen Wednesday morning. It had been taken sometime during the night.

Two bikes were found at the bus yard, and a police officer traced them back to the two boys.

Bus surveillance video was also helpful in helping identify the two boys.

It is unclear how the boys were able to steal the bus, but police say it's possible one of them found and used a hidden key.

From there, video shows the boys driving the bus into Hamilton County, taking turns driving along the way.

At one point during the night, the bus stalled and the boys were stranded in Hamilton County.

They started to walk home, when they were found by authorities.

The next day is when the bus was found missing, and police put the pieces together.

That day the bus was found abandoned in Hamilton County, and has since been returned.

The 17 year old was charged with auto theft and attempted auto theft, and the 12 year old was charged with one count of auto theft.

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