New Leadership for the Leon County Commission

There was a standing ovation for the Leon County Commission's new chairman. The gavel passed from Cliff Thaell into the hands of Bill Proctor. Ed Depuy was selected to serve at his side as the new co-chairman.

Proctor has served on the commission since 1996. This is his first time serving as chairman.

Bill Proctor says, "What I've put before the commission today is an agenda that is aggressive and progressive and because they've trusted me to hold the reigns, they expect me to step lively and I'm going to do the best I can."

Proctor doesn't deny that the next year will be a challenge and he's going into chairman seat with his own set of priorities that include a half cent tax to go towards health care and keeping people in Leon County, his concern over affordability.

Now that he's passed on the gavel, Commissioner Cliff Thaell can reflect on the last year's accomplishments. The most notable, building a stronger relationship with the Tallahassee City Commission.

Commissioner Cliff Thaell says, "We spent too much valuable time on parks and recreation issues, fire service, sewer and waste management."

Thaell says he takes pride in the fact the county and city were able to work out those issues, and now it's up to new leaders to take on new issues and lead the county into the new year.