Tallahassee Police Investigate Homeless Man's Murder

Mel Eby has worked with Tallahassee's homeless since 1989. In that time he's learned it's not safe when the sun goes down.

Mel says, "People have to get in off the street because there's a lot of danger out there."

He believes that danger took the life of 45-year-old Roger Pleaugh, a man he says loved the bottle and the streets.

Eby says, "Didn't fit in too well with shelter life didn't like to be around people basically stayed out most of the time."

Tallahassee police say on November 13, a homeless man was beaten and robbed of his cigarettes and cash near Carter Howell Strong Park. He managed to crawl to Georgia Street. Police found him and took him to the hospital. He died nine days later.

One theory is that a fellow homeless person killed him.

John Newland of the Tallahassee Police Department says, "That's one of the problems we might have where the homeless know that they're given money from their signs so they know that they're having money."

Police continue to look into other leads, other theories, but Eby says time on the streets makes people like Roger a target.

Eby says, "It's very easy to get away with killing a homeless person. That's the danger of being homeless, that's the danger of staying out on the street all night or in the woods.”

Police now looking to solve their tenth murder this year. Five homeless persons have been murdered on Tallahassee streets since 2000.