Atlanta's Aquarium Opens

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It's 550,000 square feet of fish, mammals, and more fish: the largest aquarium here or anywhere.

The eight million gallons of water are home to thousands of species, many of which will grow to twice their current size, and you can do more than just stare: kids and others can get their hands on sting rays and sharks without fear of getting stung or bitten.

The driving force behind all this is Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus.

Bernie says, “The truth is I wanted to do something for this city. Atlanta's been so good to us.”

So he did something big; donated a quarter of a billion dollars to bring in both the familiar, the bizarre and exotic, and if you've dreamed of a seaside wedding, you can even get married here in front of the beluga whale's window, but the centerpiece is the big tank.

A couple things you won't see anywhere else in this hemisphere are two gigantic whale sharks named Ralph and Norton.