New Portion of Leon County Landfill Opens

Neighbors of the Leon County landfill are raising a stink over a new portion that opened this week.

County Waste Management says the landfill will not be accepting asbestos materials, but one resident isn't convinced. She's collected more than 100 signatures to try and stop the project.

The county says it's safeguarding against the cancer agent, but can't guarantee it won't get in.

Norm Thomas, Waste Management Director, says, "We are looking at ways to monitor this site on a continuous basis to make sure we are not creating any kind of health problem for the people using the park next door and our neighbors across the street."

"If they did it, I would feel good if the results were made public, but what if the results show there is asbestos blowing around?"

Norm Thomas tells us the county will be conducting a training class next month where employees will learn to identify asbestos containing materials.