Thanksgiving 2004 Kidnapping Still Unsolved

One year ago six-month-old Ja'Marquez Pringle was kidnapped, perhaps unwittingly, when someone stole his grandmother's car with him strapped into the backseat.

The baby was found safe the next morning more than 30 miles from home, but police have never been able to find the person behind the wheel that night.

Ja'Marquez Pringle is grinning and full of energy. Now 18 months old, he has no idea how thankful his family really is on Thanksgiving.

Rosemary Reynolds, the mother, says, "This anniversary means a lot to me. There's a lot of people that have been in situations like this and the outcome has not been their child, and I feel truly, truly blessed that he's here with us."

James Pringle, the father, adds, "Whew! I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat. We stayed on the road looking in garbage cans and on the side of the road and in ditches to see and to hear, could we hear him crying or anything."

Ja'Marquez was whisked away from Monticello Thanksgiving eve when a car thief or joy rider got behind the wheel of his grandmother's car. A deputy found the abandoned car the next morning in Tallahassee with a cold but safe baby still in the backseat.

No one has ever been arrested for the baby heist, and FDLE agents say their leads in the case are at a dead end.

Tom Berlinger, FDLE spokesman, says, "We've got to know there are people out there who know firsthand from the individual who stole this car and ultimately kidnapped the baby who the perpetrator is, and we'd like that person to step forward."

Rosa Sneed, the grandmother, says, "Every day we're hoping and wishing that they'll find somebody, that whoever did it will slip up and they'll catch him, and when that day comes I want to be right there in the front seat."

If you have any information about who took that car and that little boy, call FDLE at 1-800-342-0820.