Remembering the Needy

Communities have to pitch in more than usual to keep the shelves full this holiday season.

Food banks such as Second Harvest in Tallahassee supply local organizations that cook meals for those less fortunate, but the Florida Association of Food Banks says continuing severe weather and the rising cost of gas don't make that job any easier.

Michael Perry, a counselor with the Florida Association of Food Banks, said, "We're gonna have a pretty active hurricane season for maybe the next decade so we've got to find ways to compensate for that.”

The group plans to ask the government for more funding, but will also continue to rely on local communities and their donations.

The Big Bend Homeless Coalition invites the community to a Thanksgiving feast Thursday. There will be one in Tallahassee and two in Quincy. The dinners are open to anyone who needs a place to go on Thanksgiving.