Thanksgiving Community Dinner in Thomasville

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Members of the Disciples of Jesus ministry say their goal is to make sure everyone in the community has a place to go for Thanksgiving.

Organizers say it was Pastor Blaine's vision that inspired the members to hold this special feast.

Organizers add that all the food was donated and prepared by church members.

Sharon Edwards, organizer of the Community Fellowship Dinner, said, "This is the season for giving thanks, and what better way to give thanks than to be a servant, to be a great leader in the community or to even make a difference in the community you have to be a giver and a server?"

Marion Davis, a member of the Disciples of Jesus Ministry, said, "It means so much to so many 'cause it's a lot of hurting people out there and they want to feel love and we're here to show that love in any way we can assist."

The Disciples of Jesus Church also sponsored seven needy families this Thanksgiving.

Organizers say each family received a turkey, chicken, and three bags of groceries.