During Busy Roadway Travel Season, Distractions Are A-Plenty

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A common sight on roadways is drivers chatting on cell phones while making their daily commute. It's one of the many distractions causing automobile accidents.

LT John Bagnardi has worked with FHP for more than 20 years. He says driving distraction is nothing new and often times it leads to deadly consequences.

"It's always been disturbing to me to see someone reading a newspaper or a book on the interstate while they're driving. I just don't understand. I guess they don't see the death and destruction that I see everyday."

AAA officials say it's difficult to determine what distraction is the leading cause of accidents on the roadways, so they're encouraging folks to pay attention to one simple rule.

To make sure motorists are driving responsibly, troopers are on the highways looking for speeding motorists who are putting to the pedal to the medal in hopes of making it a safe, distraction-free holiday for everyone.

AAA officials say if you're going to have a conversation, make it brief and avoid doing things in your car that you should do at home.