Homeless Coalition Serves Feast

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Shakinah Russell is an expectant mother spending Thanksgiving with her family.

"It's wonderful being here today. The service is so nice and so happy today. We're not able to be with our home family but we're here today enjoying this food. I just thank God for the stuffing," said Russell.

Others though, like her eight-year-old daughter, Chelcy, prefer the mashed potatoes.

The Big Bend Homeless Coalition and the staff at the Ole Times Country Buffet were opening the doors to anyone who needed a place to be on Thanksgiving.

"My dad, he passed away early this year after I graduated from high school, and he always told me to help people and stuff. I love helping people and my auntie not cooking until four o'clock today, so I might as well waste no time in the bed and come out here and help some people," said 18-year-old volunteer server Brandon Gilbert.

Russell and her husband hope to one day reverse the rolls.