Deals and Bargains and Early Bird Shoppers

It's “black Friday,” time for retailers to move away from the red and into profits! We've been monitoring the shopping frenzy in Tallahassee.

It's loud and it's the sound of hundreds of people rushing in through the doors of Target in search of the best deals, the hottest toys, and a quick pick-me-up.

It was all too much for one Tallahassee two-year-old.

Roleesha Hill, 10 years old, said, "I guess she's exhausted because we've been looking for Christmas toys and having fun."

The constant beep of the price scanner is music to the ears of retailers who've been anticipating this day all year long.

Eric Litz, GM of Governor's Square Mall, said, "This is the day everybody gets traction and momentum from the sales point of view. This is when you find out what Christmas is really going to be like."

And judging by the first few hours of black Friday, Litz says this has been the busiest it's been in the last five to 10 years for Governor's Square Mall, but are all the bargains worth the battle of the crowds? Most early bird shoppers seem to think so, but not everybody.

Richard Corsale, an early bird shopper, said, "Insane, I won't go. If there's that many people in line, I won't stay, no way. It's ridiculous."

Those crowds meant sell-outs. Even as early as 8 a.m. shelves were empty, but don't fret. There's still a few weeks left to take care of that holiday wish list.

Luckily there are no major fights to report in our area. However, that doesn't mean there weren't some bad attitudes. We've heard from many shoppers about arguments over sale items.