Holiday Weight Gain: Did Thanksgiving Ruin it?

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George Waas exercises regularly, but Friday he had to work out a bit harder.

"Today I've added a few more repetitions and a little bit more time on the bike because I thoroughly enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner last night," he said.

George isn't alone. Yvonne Littrell, who takes spinning classes, said she added an extra 10 minutes to her routine

"Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and of course I pigged out. I had four desserts."

Exercise experts say the average American gains eight pounds during the holiday season, but they say just because Thanksgiving has passed, it doesn't mean it's too late.

"They haven't slipped so far because it’s only one day, and that could be made up," said personal trainer Stanley Peppers.

Ali Campbell is an aerobics instructor and says don't wait until New Year’s.

"We always have a lot of people that come to the gym starting January first or right at the new year, and it's better to get here now, get yourself going, get ahead of the game."

The best advice is everything in moderation. Trainers suggest taking a walk before and after eating on the days you plan to eat a large meal.