Paramedic Help in Gadsden County

Gadsden County paramedic Jon McCarthy helped a four-year-old boy who fell while playing and ended up with a large gash on his rear end.

His family traveled from Gretna searching for medical help.

Kerry Thomas, whose son was treated by a paramedic, says, "This is the hospital we come to when an accident happens and I can't believe it's closed down and we have to go so far to a hospital."

After bandaging the four-year-old, another ambulance transported him to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital where he'll receive stitches for his injuries.

It's been three weeks since the hospital closed its doors, and since then paramedics have been on site for 24 hours helping residents who need medical attention.

Paramedics say they treat an average of eight patients a day, most of whom have non-life threatening ailments.

Jon McCarthy a Gadsden County paramedic, says, "For the most part, we've had minor injuries. Most of the serious stuff has been handled through the 9-1-1 system, where the ambulances are going to the residence or locations."

But for now, the ambulance will serve as a makeshift emergency room serving patients who have no means of traveling elsewhere for medical assistance.

There is good news to report. Employees say the electricity has been turned back on, but there's still no word on when the hospital will reopen.