Suspicious Death in Valdosta

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The Thanksgiving weekend started off horribly for the family of one Valdosta man.

Cameron Williams says, "They found my uncle passed away in his bed, asleep."

Friday morning Valdosta police responded to a call at 920 Lousanne Street. There they found 49-year-old Myron Denson face down on his pillow.

Bernard Robinson with the Valdosta Police Department, says, "The death looks suspicious for the simple reason he has a suspicious injury to his head."

Investigators are treating Denson's death as a homicide until they have clear evidence that it is not. Family members are eager to know what really happened.

Williams says, "We don't want to think there's a murderer out there, ya know. We just want closure right now."

As the police and the family of this man wait for answers, neighbors do too. They say this is normally a quiet neighborhood and things like this just don't happen around here.

Neighbor Nathaniel Ghent says, "We're not used to something like this. Not from where I'm from anyway."

As investigators work, family and friends gather in disbelief.

“He was a good man. Every time I came around he was happy to see me. He always looked out for everyone," Williams said.

Investigators say they won't know the cause of death until the autopsy is complete, and since it's a holiday weekend that won't be until, at the earliest, Monday.