Local Holiday Tourism Season

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Thanksgiving is over, meaning the start of the holiday tourism season is upon us, especially in south Georgia. That's because Wild Adventures theme park is attracting big crowds for its annual Christmas Wonderland.

The lights and decorations are on full display at Wild Adventures as the park kicks off its annual Christmas Wonderland event. Visitors say this event really gets them in the holiday spirit.

Jonathan Fowler, nine years old, shares, "Seeing all the lights and riding all the rides at night time, riding the train and seeing all the lights and everything."

For many families across the south, this event has become a family tradition.

Eric Etcher, a father, adds, "It will probably be a tradition. We started last year on January with the snow days, so we'll probably do it again next year."

While wintertime used to be a slow time for tourism in our region, officials with Wild Adventures say the Christmas wonderland is really boosting tourism.

Sara Sumner, a Wild Adventures spokeswoman, says, "We will have over 100,000 visitors who will come out here during Christmas Wonderland, and during that time they may go ahead and shop here in Lowndes County. They'll eat in our restaurants, they'll stay in our hotels, so it’s really a wonderful time of year for everyone: people enjoying the park and for the Lowndes County area as well."

And with the Christmas break just around the corner, more school children will likely be asking to spend some of their time here, much to the delight of local business owners.

Now that Wild Adventures owns Cypress Gardens in central Florida, even more visitors are expected to visit our region, helping our economy grow.