TPD Shoots and Kills Suspect

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Four Tallahassee police officers are on paid administrative leave following a fatal shooting incident.

Tallahassee police officers respond to a complaint around 2 a.m. Saturday morning of shots being fired from a Chevrolet Caprice near Chubby's night club on Tennessee Street.

Officers say they pulled over a car fitting the description of the vehicle on High Road with three occupants inside.

TPD spokesman John Newland says, "The third became uncooperative. He would not listen to any of the verbal commands of the officers and was tased, was still uncooperative, was fighting with officers."

TPD says officers took every measure possible to control the suspect, John Frances Hayes. Officers say they fatally shot Hayes when he reached back into the vehicle.

OFC Newland adds, "At this point we don't know what his motive was other then there was a weapon that was being fired from that car."

David Boggs, a regular at a nearby pool hall, says he was unaware of the incident.

He says, "Without knowing all of that it's hard for me to have an opinion, but as I said, if there were shots coming from the car then certainly the use of what they call deadly force may be warranted."

OFC John Newland says a weapon was found in the car. In addition, officers say they found shell casings on High Road and in the Chubby's parking lot.

TPD says one of the suspects has been released. The second suspect is facing charges of weapons violation charges. This investigation is ongoing.