Gas Price Increase on the Way for Georgia Drivers

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With prices hovering around the $2 a gallon mark at many south Georgia gas stations, some drivers have few complaints when filling up.

Kent Mallett, a Georgia driver, says, "Prices lately are pretty good, I like those. It could go a little lower I guess, but they're ok now."

But those favorable prices won't last long. Starting December 1, Georgia's sales tax on gas will increase by two cents a gallon, a financial blow to the pocket books of Georgians like Randy Whiddon, who owns a landscape company.

Randy says, "It affects my business the most. Of all my expenses, gas has to be the highest. I'd like to see it come back under two dollars. It would help a lot, or even some more."

Georgia's gas sales tax is adjusted every few months according to the state's per gallon average, and because prices skyrocketed during the hurricane season, state law requires the December 1 hike.

Larry Jessie, a Georgia driver, says, "To see it go up is going to be very disheartening and very discouraging I think."

Georgia's revenue department says a new calculation will be required in January, at which time they expect the tax to come down, a drop at the pumps that many Georgia drivers say can't come soon enough.

A report in the publication "Transport Topics News" shows the two cent increase will altogether bring Georgia's gas sales tax to 9.6 cents per gallon.