Holiday Shopping - Enjoy it or Dread it?

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We know the holidays come around every year, and we could shop far in advance. Most of us do our holiday shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but do folks enjoy this traditional shopping time?

Michael Cunningham says, "To me it just seems like a happier time, so you enjoy spending money. I guess it depends on where you shop. I mean, if you're going to shop at a toy store, it's going to be crazy."

For some, it depends more on who you're shopping for.

Young shopper Christian Butts says the important thing is, "That we get me something and we get my brother something."

Matthew Daniels says, "Whenever I'm going out, you know, specifically what I'm getting for people, so that's fun and nice to do."

Christmas decorations are still on the top of the list for shoppers on this last weekend of November, and folks also say this is the time when Christmas shopping is enjoyable because they don't feel rushed.

"I enjoy it until it's a few days before Christmas if I don't have everything done, then I'm stressed, but right now I'm having fun with it," says Stephanie Alger.

But some folks do enjoy a little holiday pressure.

"I like that last minute rush, kind of finding things, you know, the right things for the right people," adds Daniels.

But there's still some time to avoid that last minute rush if you're just not the daring type.

Christmas day lands on a Sunday this year. Chanukah starts December 25 and goes until January 1. Kwanza starts on the 26th and also ends on the first.