Georgia Military College Expands

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Georgia Military College is a two-year school that caters to students balancing college and full-time jobs.

Director Lesley Hafer says, "At GMC we kind of meet the needs of many different kinds of students. We have a very strong traditional and non-traditional population."

GMC currently has 800 students enrolled.

"We have been experiencing between a five to 10 percent growth on average every year for the past five years," says Hafer.

There's no doubt that GMC continues to grow, and now there will be no more wondering where they'll fit all these classes. Monday the college broke ground on a new 26,000-square-foot facility.

Hafer says, "By having more classrooms we can offer a larger variety of classes, and then that will hopefully attract even more students."

The new campus will have larger classrooms, more student areas and a tutoring center. The plan for the new campus has the whole community talking, even the mayor.

"I'm excited for Georgia Military College. I'm excited for all of you and for our community," says Mayor John Fretti.

Construction for the new facility will be complete by May of next year. GMC's director says they will move into the new building before next fall, if not sooner.