Dropout Prevention, Gadsden County Schools

Gadsden County school officials are hoping to score high marks next year. The state ranked the district this year as the county with the lowest graduation rates in Florida.
Still, school officials remain optimistic they'll be able to turn the pages of academic success with a number of new programs.

Reginald James, Superintendent of Gadsden County Schools, says, "We have remedial programs in place. We'll continue to provide more assistance so that those 10 graders who need to pass the FCAT can really get it done."

In fact, the superintendent says he's implemented several programs, including additional programs at Gadsden Technical Institute, creating an at-risk institution at Carter Parramore Academy, forming a partnership for tutoring and after school classes with Tallahassee Community College, and finally, installing "Innovation Academy," a program where high school students tutor their peers.

Superintendent James says with all these programs in place students are already making strides academically.

James adds, "We're second in the state to progress. That’s more than anything else. People saw that as a positive and felt we were heading in the right way and they wanted their kids to be part of that."

James is hoping with a little hard work and determination these kids will rewrite their future as a district with great students succeeding against the odds. He says so far there's a three percent increase in graduation since the data was submitted to the state.