Deadly Police Shooting

Tallahassee police are releasing more information about a deadly shooting this weekend.

John Hayes was shot and killed by police officers early Saturday morning. Monday, TPD revealed the names of the four officers involved in the shooting. Chief McNeil identified the suspect as 17-year-old John Frances Hayes of Thomasville, Georgia. He says all four of the officers placed on leave did fire their weapons at him.

The names of the officers involved are Dan Copelin, Steve Damm, Nick Roberts and Robert Todd.

Chief McNeil says the four responded to a call about shots fired in a nightclub parking lot and followed the car into the parking lot of a High Road church. He says Hayes refused to comply with demands and was shot when he lunged back into the car where they believed there was a gun.

Chief Walt McNeil with TPD said, "The indication is exactly that, the officers were very clear in their commands, they were aware there was weapon in the car, they were following procedure as we understand it."

McNeil says a gun was found in the car after the shooting and it was within reach of Hayes if he had the chance. McNeil says Hayes was struck in the back, but right now will not specify how many times Hayes was shot or who fired the shot that killed him.

The driver of the car, 22-year-old Rondell Veney, was arrested and charged with firing a weapon in public for the Chubby's incident. All three were from Thomasville, Georgia.

We still do not know if the three were at the club prior to the shooting or how this all got started. That is all under investigation. We contacted the principal of Thomasville High School, who says Hayes had been a student there. He arrived in 2002, but did not complete his freshman year.