Valdosta YMCA Funds Missing


The Valdosta YMCA is grappling with some financial woes after an internal investigation found there was money missing from its bank account.

Construction of a youth and teen center, indoor pool, and a new gym were slated to begin this month, but those will now be delayed. The YMCA believes a former employee is the cause of some serious accounting problems, problems which have somehow been overlooked for the past four years.

Some folks are glad the problem is getting resolved, “I hope that person wasn’t taking advantage of the money I was putting in there, I don’t know what they are taking the money and using it for, I hate that they did that to the community, but I’m glad they got caught,” says YMCA member Joanne Desmartin.

Two local firms have been hired to identify and help resolve the problems. It could take four to six weeks for the Y to get back on track financially. Extended Web Coverage

YMCA Timeline

  • 1851 - Thomas Sullivan founded the first YMCA in the U.S.

  • 1885 - Sumner Dudley started YMCA Camping.

  • 1891 - James Naismith poses with the first basketball team.

  • 1910 The first Father's Day is observed at the Spokane, WA. YMCA.

  • 1926 - The YMCA in Richmond Heights, MO. launched the first Y-Indian Guides, a parent child program.

  • 1936 - Basketball became an Olympic sport.

  • 1950 - YMCAs operate 20 colleges across America.

  • 1961 - President John F. Kennedy founded Peace Corps, patterned after the YMCA World Service program started more than 70 years before.

  • 1964 - Volleyball, invented at a YMCA in 1895, becomes an Olympic sport.

  • 1971 - Leo Marsh created the YMCA Black Achievers program to encourage leadership among black youth.

  • 1991 - Basketball, invented at a YMCA turns 100 years old.

  • 1997 - YMCA in America formally adopt one logo and the theme "We build strong kids, strong families and strong communities."

  • 2000 - YMCAs are the nation's largest provider of child care, serving 500,000 kids each year.

  • 2001 - YMCA celebrates 150 years in America. The 2,400 YMCAs are the nations largest, not-for-profit community service organizations, serving more than 17 million people.

Source: (YMCA Web site) contributed to this report