Old Mill Refurbished

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"A diamond in the rough” is how Remerton's city manager talks about the old Strickland cotton mill.

Remerton city manager Brian McDougal says, "The cotton mill was here before the city was."

Instead of tearing down the old mill and selling the property, a local developer bought it and plans to refurbish it. In the plans so far, there are two or three restaurants, condos, and many shops. There will also be a new museum inside the mill focusing on Remerton and its history.

City officials are excited about this project and what it will mean for the community.

McDougal says it’s, "A sizable investment in property here in the city of Remerton."

Those in the community have an opinion of their own.

“I hope there ain't going to be too many more bars down there. We already got enough bars in Remerton," says Mack Primm.

Primm is the owner of a health food store in Remerton and is concerned about parking. He says there is already a lack of parking in the city.

Other than that, Primm's glad to see a part of history be preserved.

"Any time you can incorporate some of the history into a new project, I think you'll have a lot better draw from the community," says Primm.

And that's just what the city hopes will happen, attracting business while saving a piece of history. Construction on the old cotton mill will start at the beginning of the year.