United Way Is Half Way to its Goal

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Judie Miller from Kids Incorporated spends her days working with needy children. She says it's her way of making sure less fortunate kids have a bright future.

"It's easier and cheaper to build a child than it is to repair an adult, and if we can catch kids at an early age from birth to age three, we can affect the way they're gonna live their lives later on, and we can make them more productive citizens."

Miller says the success wouldn't be possible though without the dollars donated by the Big Bend Chapter of the United Way. The non-profit group is celebrating as the dollars flow in.

"We feel very optimistic about the way this campaign is going. We live in a very generous community and people really do want to help and that's showing up very much throughout this campaign," said this year's campaign chairman, Sandy D'Alemberte.

Tuesday campaign organizers filled in two more lifesavers stickers on the campaign progress sign on Monroe Street. Those stickers represent the dollars raised so far this year.

"We are very, very hopeful that that is a good indicator of where we will end up come February once we call the campaign total reaching our $6.4 million goal," said United Way Resource Development Vice-President Susan McGrath.

They're halfway there, but they still a long way to go. The United Way is hopeful; it knows the community understands just how far their dollars can reach.