Wakulla Has State's Lowest Unemployment Rate

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Need a job? Head to Wakulla County. At least that's what statistics are showing.

Zsa Zsa Ingram-Fitzpatrick with Workforce Plus says, "Yes, 2.5 is the unemployment rate in Wakulla. It's growing rapidly.”

It’s growing not only in people, but business too!

Allen Freeland, Economic Development Council Chairman, says, "Have a new Wal-Mart under construction, a new hotel opened by the golf course, Wilwood.”

That's where Dwayne Kilpatrick found himself a job, one with big payoffs.

Dwayne says, "I think this is better opportunity to move up. I meet people from all around, it's real fun.”

It’s fun and innovative; his new workplace is the first hotel of its kind in the rural county, attracting nature lovers from across the nation. It's exactly the type of business residents are welcoming.

“If you look at job listings, it's a wide array from trade and skill level.”

While Wakulla leads the region in unemployment, Leon County is hot on its tale with only 3.2 percent, followed by Jefferson, then Suwannee. Rounding out the tale end is Madison County with 5.1 percent unemployment.

Economists say those numbers should continue to drop, especially in Wakulla County where commercial and residential growth is bursting at the seams. There are 14,000 Wakulla County workers and nearly two-thirds of them commute to Tallahassee for work.