City of Thomasville 2006 Budget

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Thomasville is talking numbers as the 2006 budget is being prepared to be presented to the city council. City manager Steve Sykes says the city has worked on all of the departments' budgets and everything looks good.

Steve says, "We just need to make sure that all of our revenue sources are high enough to cover the expenditures. So far it looks like we're going to be able to balance that budget."

The city has a new plan to potentially expand services to areas in Thomas County including a new telephone service, Internet and cable.

Lynn Williams, Assistant City Manager for Thomasville, says, "We're always looking at ways to expand CNS, ways to serve additional customers and as new subdivisions are built, and new areas are developed in the county we'll be looking at adding those as CNS customers."

Steve Sykes adds, "In the last three years or so we've doubled the number of cable customers we have and there are other pockets out in the community that we feel like we can serve cost effectively."

Residents say if the city expands its services, such as cable, it will only be a good thing."

Jamie Nunnally, a Thomasville resident, says, "That'd be a great help. I know they'd have a lot of willing customers."

Another part of the budget is natural gas, and unfortunately Sykes predicts a 30 to 40 percent increase in electric and natural gas bills this winter. He says the city can't control this, but they've taken steps such as sending conservation tips to homes.

City manager Steve Sykes says a public hearing will be held for residents to comment on the proposed budget.