Legislative Hearings

Florida state legislators receiving input from community leaders and citizens on the local level.

Rep. Dwight Stansel and Sen. Nancy Argenziano held a legislative hearing at Live Oak City Hall Tuesday morning.

Citizens and city and county officials brought up issues of concerns such as class size reduction, revitalization projects and grant funding.

Sen. Nancy Argenziano, (R) Crystal River, said, "We heard a number of things, especially in the rural counties such as Suwannee, that how important it was, the actions that the Legislature takes and understanding that these counties need money for those very important things that so many other counties have."

Pastor Jeffrey Dove, a concerned citizen, said, "My concern today was that the public school system has misinterpreted the Jessica Lunsford Act. She's the actual author of the act. They were excluding African-Americans, and people with misdemeanors were not allowed into the school system or allowed and volunteer. She made some clarifications."

Other stops for Rep. Stansel and Sen. Argenziano include Lafayette, Gilcrist, and Columbia Counties.