Medicare Bus Tour

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For seniors such as Sharon Smith, the new Medicare prescription drug plans bring many questions.

Sharon says, "If my medication was covered, how much it would cost me if I could still get it from the same pharmacy?"

They’re questions that representatives from the Medicare Bus were on hand to answer on a one-on-one basis Tuesday at the tour's Thomasville stop.

With eight stops scheduled throughout south Georgia, the tour's sponsor says the Medicare Bus is helping seniors pick the prescription drug plan that's right for them.

U.S. Rep. Sanford Bishop, (D) Georgia, says, "This is the first time that Medicare has included prescription drugs, and we want to make sure people are able to get everything that they qualify for in a cost effective manner."

And thus far, the Medicare Bus is getting high marks.

Smith adds, "It was very helpful, very informative because I just was totally confused when I first came in, but I ended up signing up for one of the plans, so it was very helpful."

Congressman Bishop says open enrollment for the prescription drug plans runs through May 15, but reminds seniors that for some, the deadline to sign up is December 31.

The Medicare Bus Tour will continue this week with stops in Bainbridge and Cairo on Thursday and Columbus and Americus on Friday.