Tallahassee Hospitals See Spike in Visits

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Tallahassee emergency rooms are seeing a rise in visits, partly due to the closing of Gadsden Community Hospital. The spike is expected to get worse through the holidays.

Tallahassee's Capital Regional Medical Center emergency room has seen a 10 percent increase in patients.

Raymond Gyarmatha, Director of the CRMC emergency room, says, "The staff is really pulling together and we're able to handle the influx rather easily. We're happy to see patients from Leon County and also the surrounding counties where there is a need."

The spike in visits is partly due to the closing of Gadsden Community Hospital, shut down on November 4 by Florida's Agency on Health Care Administration citing health violations.

TMH spokesperson Warren Jones says, “The people in Gadsden County need a hospital in that county, and we hope people are able to work through those issues."

Jones feels the jump in visits is noticeable, but not bad enough to put a strain on operations.

"During the holidays, you'll find many more doctors’ offices are closed and the emergency room becomes the access point for health care," adds Jones.

TMH does operate a clinic in Quincy, which is staffed with several doctors and nurse practitioners in addition to similar clinics in Blountstown, Wakulla County and Monticello, citing how important health care is in rural communities.

There is no word yet on when Gadsden Community Hospital will reopen.