Tallahassee Fisherman Missing in St. Marks River

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The rescue boats and helicopters that spent most of Wednesday night looking for any sign of a missing Tallahassee fisherman resumed their search at daybreak.

Someone found 77-year-old Carl Neimes' boat circling in the St. Marks River, engine still running, around three Wednesday afternoon, but no sign of him.

His boat was spotted by a passing boater just around the turn of the river from the old St. Marks fort. William Floyd knows those boaters and heard the call for rescue from a nearby marina.

"Two guys that had their boat stored, radioed out that there was an unmanned boat circling around in the river and there was nobody around, nobody to be seen."

Floyd says the men searched for the missing fisherman while waiting on rescue crews.

OFC John Joyner with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said, "They said they had seen him running up and down the channel all day today and night, and now there's no way to tell how he got knocked overboard."

Joyner says the only clues they have right now are a life vest found in the boat and a broken chair.

OFC John Joyner adds, "We're assuming, we're only assuming he drowned."

William Floyd says, "It's real sad, you see someone who enjoys the outdoors and looks forward to getting out here and then something tragic like this happens."

Rescue crews called off the search when it got too dark, but vowed they'd be back on the water by daybreak.

Victims’ advocates with the Tallahassee Police Department and the Leon County Sheriff's Office were at the side of Neimes' wife Wednesday night. This is the fourth time this year a boater has turned up missing in our area of Florida and Georgia.