Holiday Roundup of Deadbeat Parents

Deadbeat parents may want to take note, a sweep started Thursday to round up hundreds of people who owe millions in unpaid child support, and that's just in Leon, Jefferson and Wakulla Counties.

One deputy went around back while the other knocked on the door of this trailer off Cathedral Drive. They're looking for 25-year-old Allen Bolen, who's wanted for failing to pay child support.

Chris Chase, Leon County Sheriff's Office spokesman, says, "We're always out looking for these folks and trying to pick them up, but when we put an enforcement wave together, it seems to get the message out that you better pay up, or you're going to go to jail."

Bolen is one of 260 parents in Leon, Jefferson and Wakulla Counties targeted in a holiday roundup. The Department of Revenue says collectively these deadbeats owe nearly $3.7 million in unpaid child support.

Renee Waters, Florida Department of Revenue spokesperson, says, "These are people who didn't show up for their court dates. They know that they owe the child support and didn't show up, so now it's time to get what's due to their children."

Leon County deputies did arrest 49-year-old Ronald Grant bright and early. Our cameras followed deputies to a home on Darnell Circle in hopes of finding DeAnthony McSwain, but there was no sign of him.

DEP Richard Smith with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "We'll continue to try to make contact with these individuals and see if we can get these guys to turn themselves in or at some point they'll get picked up on these child support warrants."

These "unannounced" visits with warrants and handcuffs in tow will continue through December. Deputies say it could mean the difference between a child having a Christmas or not.