Family Profile: Christmas Connection

Donations are slowly but steadily coming in at the Christmas Connection, which helps more than 800 needy families each holiday season.

We are featuring 10 of those families on our news to give you some idea of their diverse circumstances and needs.

This is the wish list for an 80-year-old man who lives alone in Crawfordville.

The diabetic isn't asking for much, just some basics. He needs warm flannel shirts in an extra large, some diabetic socks in a size 10-12, a radio with batteries so he can stay in touch with the outside world, especially if the power goes off. He also needs food and cleaning supplies for his pantry.

This is case 54. If you'd like to help this gentleman or any other family you can drop off donations at 1000 West Tharpe Street, call 222-2180, or go to for more information.