Classes De Espanol?

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Classes de Espanol mandatorias pudieran programarse en escuelas primarias en la Florida en el futuro.

Translation: mandatory Spanish classes could be on the way for elementary school students in Florida, but the possibility is causing some concern.

Ebony Morgan is a Spanish teacher in Leon County. She says when it comes to learning foreign languages, the younger the student, the better, and that's why she supports Florida Senate Bill 522.

"I think that's an excellent idea and the reason being, kids at an early age absorb more of foreign languages than older kids."

The proposed bill would make Spanish class a mandatory requirement for kindergarten to second grade students in Florida.

Administrators in the Leon County school district agree the bill is a great idea.

"We know from case studies and research that students who have a foreign language experience early on do better in school," says Leon County School Superintendent Bill Montford.

But still, the superintendent has some reservations about the bill.

"It's a good idea, but how do you implement it, and how do you pay for it? If we were to do it in all elementary schools it would significantly impact our budget and class time."

The proposed bill is still in its initial stage of consideration, but administrators all over the state are closely watching its progress. If passed it would take effect in 2007.