Burglary Spree in Gadsden County

From first glance a collection of tools ranging from a blower to a miter saw is a handyman's dream, but Gadsden County deputies say all of these items, including sawed off shot guns and an array of bullets, are stolen property recovered Thursday night.

Now two men, Curtis Dixon, Jr. and Reddrick Reshard Garrett are behind bars charged with burglary and other crimes.

Deputies say garret may have been the mastermind behind the burglaries.

MAJ Morgan says, "He had been seen driving the stolen truck with the stolen items in it and we were able to arrest him last night of stealing the cars and burglarizing the residence."

Deputies believe the duo and several other suspects stole the items from Gadsden and surrounding counties.

Deputies discovered the stolen property in a quiet Gadsden County neighborhood on Shade Farm Road, and they have two men in custody. They're looking for two additional men believed to be involved in this burglary ring.

Neighbors who live in the area say they had no idea stolen property was housed just a few doors from their home.

Jamie Peterson, a Gadsden County resident says, "It's unfortunate that people work for their stuff. They buy stuff with their hard earned money, and people come in their house and steal it."

This investigation is still ongoing. Deputies hope to have the two additional suspects in custody by Monday.