TSA Prohibited Items List to Change

You may be surprised to see what the Transportation Security Administration will soon allow you to carry with you on board the plane.

There are bin loads of scissors, knives, tools and just use your imagination, that screeners at the Tallahassee Regional Airport take away from passengers. That load could soon lighten up.

The Transportation Security Administration is announcing it will remove items like scissors with blades less than four inches long and tools less than seven inches long off the prohibited items list.

Kip Hawley, TSA Assistant Secretary, says, “We found that a disproportionate Amount of our resources go to line-slowing bag searches directed at objects that do not pose a real threat of taking control of an aircraft."

Instead, Hawley says the focus needs to turn to the search for explosives, which pose a more significant threat. The change is welcomed by some passengers.

Ira Hershbien says, “I think the pendulum for safety swung to be overprotective, and now they're going to relax it."

However, other passengers we talked to say they're not comfortable with the idea of a fellow passengers bringing four-inch scissors or tools on board.

Tallahassee Regional says those items have not been removed from the list yet. Changes do not go into effect until December 22.

Sharp objects like box cutters, knives or tools with cutting edges will stay on the prohibited items list.