Georgia's University Access Under Fire

The battle over safety is now a battle over power. Despite calls for tougher laws on illegal immigration, some Georgia leaders are trying to protect access to colleges and universities in the Peach State.

It’s a response to a measure under consideration by the Georgia General Assembly to outline who can be admitted to a state school.

Opponents say the Board of Regents, and not politicians, should have the power to decide who's allowed in school.

Sen. Tim Golden, (D) Valdosta, says, "I think the Board of Regents’ admission policy is something the General Assembly does not need to meddle with, so my bill basically says the General Assembly will not pass any laws related to admission policy. I want to leave that up to presidents of the universities."

Under current policy, the children of undocumented residents can attend a public college in Georgia if they qualify academically, but the student must pay the more expensive out of state tuition.