Xbox Scam

The quest for a bargain on one of this season's hottest gifts has cost a Tallahassee bartender a lot of tips.

Tallahassee police say a man posing as a Wal-Mart employee convinced a bartender and his friend that he could get them a big employee discount on an Xbox.

They each handed over $310 cash and waited outside, but surprise, surprise; the con artist never came back out.

John Newland, Tallahassee Police Department spokesman, says, "He had a similar Wal-Mart name tag on and that's where the victims thought this guy may be on the up and up, but not even Wal-Mart can sell an Xbox for $310, so lesson learned, hopefully, and hopefully on one else will be a victim of one of these incidents."

Last month hundreds of gamers lined up as early as 1 a.m. for a crack at a shipment of Xboxes in Tallahassee. They retail for more than $400.