Scam Artists Pose as Utility Workers

Two men posing as Tallahassee city utility workers have ripped off an 81-year-old woman.

Tallahassee police say the two white men knocked on the woman's door off Belle Vue Way. One lured her outside saying he needed to talk to her about cutting back her trees while the other one slipped inside and stole cash and a gun.

Police say it's a painful reminder to demand ID.

SGT Mark Meadows with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "There are ways you can tell they're real city employees, and if you have any doubt that you're dealing with somebody that's an employee, stop your contact with them, tell them I need to make a phone call and call the City of Tallahassee and find out if they're for real or call the Police Department and let us figure it out."

City spokesman Bill Behenna says at the very least, a city employee coming to your home will be in uniform and driving a marked vehicle.

The two white men in their mid to late 20's drove off in a gold pick-up. Keep in mind they are now armed.