Welcome Home Warrior Ceremony

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Over 100 soldiers from seven different Army Reserve units were honored Saturday afternoon for their service overseas. One by one, soldiers were recognized for their service with the United States Army Reserves.

BG Smith comments on the soldiers' service.

"When your nation calls, you will come, and we called you, and you served, and you served well."

For serving their county, these men and women are honored at what's called a "welcome home warrior citizen ceremony.” This unique award honors the soldiers, plus their family and their employers.

Clarke Rudd with Headquarters Company comments, "As a commander it's very nice to get out and see the troops be thanked for leaving school, having to get out or leaving their employers, new babies, whatever, that's the best part."

Courtney Green, a specialist with the 351st AG Postal Company, talks about the ceremony.

"It means a lot that they thought enough of the job that we did to honor us in this way."

Amir Lizarraga, a staff sergeant with the Army Reserves, comments on having his family there.

"Oh, it's great. These guys are the ones that give me all the support, carry on; it's what it's all about."

His daughters Hali, Iai, and Cheyenne, add, "I feel proud of him because he was sent away for a long time and now he's like back and he has this cool award, and I'm just proud of him for it."

It’s an award to represent soldiers' contributions and sacrifices in the global War on Terror. Soldiers were given an encased American flag, a specially designed commemorative coin and a lapel pin, and a welcome home warrior citizen flag.