Lowndes Wins State

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Fans say it’s a feeling they could get used to.

Edward Crittenden says, "I think that's the beginning of a lot of championships to come."

He's talking about the Lowndes High School football team. The Vikings defeated Brookwood 49 to 7 to win their fourth state championship.

Crittenden says, "Initially I thought it was going to be a slow game, but Lowndes picked up and did what they do best."

Fans of all ages came out to cheer on the Vikings.

Tiffany Parnell says, "It was great! I knew Lowndes would come back and win the game after all they've been through."

Vikings fans filled the stands waiting for a victor and confident that one would come.

"The people, the crowds, they were very hyped. We cheered the Vikings from the beginning to the end," says Victoria Wolfe.

Wolfe says the Vikings are near and dear to her, and it meant a lot for her to be in the stands.

Wolfe says, "I graduated from Lowndes High in ’89, and to be able to come back and watch and continue to root my team on, it felt very good!."

Crittenden says, "Lowndes is well on their way to a great, great tradition of winning football championships."

If the past two years are any indication, he just might be right. Lowndes High School football was ranked number one in the state in 1980, 1999, 2004, and now, of course, 2005.