Dog Trials

Dog owners: think your pooch is fast? You may think twice when you see these speedy canines.

Dogs from Apalachee Coursing Club gave it their best in this two-day event.

Dogs chase the bait and are judged on speed, how well they follow the lure, endurance, agility, and enthusiasm. Event officials reassure us the dogs love the competition.

John Parker, the regional director for American Sight Hound Field Association, adds, "They're awfully eager to run. You can see almost all of them are ready to go, and they want to go as soon as they see that lure go around. They're ready to go, and many of them want to keep going after the course is over. It's a pretty sure bet; if they don't want to run, they won't."

Organizers say some of the dogs are greyhound rescue dogs. This competition is like a second career for them.