Thanks to Katrina Relief Donors

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Sunday, Don Yaeger and Dale Brown teamed up with a New Orleans chef whose family was helped by the drive and threw a party for the hundreds who donated to the effort.

Yaeger says he started the drive with an e-mail that got passed around town.

Yaeger says, "Pretty soon thousands of pounds worth of clothes and other things were showing up at our doorstep. We filled two 18-wheelers to the top and shipped them over there."

Dale Brown, a former LSU head basketball coach, adds, "So the first truckload we brought over, we got one guy up in the truck, on guy on the ground. Don and I went through the crowd, said we don't represent anybody. We're just here to help you. What do you need? Well, I need formula and diapers for my baby. I don't have any. Come to the truck."

Dale Brown lives in Louisiana and says there is still a great deal of basic need in the hurricane affected areas.