Cairo Election Ends in Dead Heat

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A runoff election for a Cairo City Council seat ends in a dead heat. Now city election officials say it's proof that every vote counts!

They're election results Cairo voters are finding hard to believe. The proof is posted on the front door of Cairo City Hall. Tuesday's runoff election for City Council's District 4 seat between incumbent Adrian Clark and challenger James Douglas ends in a tie.

Alan Saul, a District 4 voter, says, "I really feel like more people should have gotten out and voted. I was really surprised it was a tie."

It’s a tie that will now force voters in District 4 to return to the polls once again.

Bob Miller, another District 4 voter, says, "I hate that it's a tie because they're both good men, and I know some people that voted for one one time, and the other one the next time, so maybe if they hadn't switched it around it wouldn't have been a tie."

With another runoff election already scheduled for next month, Cairo election officials say they're hoping for a better turnout to prevent another tie.

Carolyn Lee, Cairo Election Superintendent, says, "I'd like to encourage everyone who's eligible to vote in District 4 to do so. Every vote counts."

Lee says the next runoff election will be January 3 with absentee balloting beginning December 12 and advance voting December 27, after which time Cairo voters hope to declare one candidate the winner.

Cairo's election superintendent says should the January runoff election also end in a tie, they'll go back to the polls again 28 days later.