Holiday Safety

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During the holidays, people have so much on their minds.

Add to the list safety

CAPT J.D. Yeager with the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office says, "During the holiday season we always seem to have a rash of some type of break-in or some type of criminal activity going on."

When people go shopping they're thinking about who to buy for and what to but buy. They're not thinking about home security and their protection, but at this time of year, law enforcement officials say that's one thing you should keep on your mind.
Yeager says, "You don't want to leave things out exposed. If I can walk up to your window and look in and see that's there a new 44-inch plasma TV sitting there in a box, that's enticing to someone that's going to break into houses."

Another suggestion is, if possible, try to unload inside a garage and keep an eye out.

Yeager says, "We're asking neighbors to watch out for neighbors. You know in your neighborhood, what it's supposed to be like, who's supposed to be around."

Law enforcement officers say they never mind coming by to check things out.