TPD Busts Check Fraud Ring

One of our viewers has helped to nab the woman Tallahassee police call the mastermind of a local check fraud ring.

Corrie Jackson was picked up at a home on Pasco Street less than an hour after her picture appeared on our noon newscast Wednesday.

A viewer called Crime Stoppers and tipped off police to her whereabouts.

Police say Jackson created bogus payroll checks and then paid several accomplices to go to grocery stores and cash them.

SGT Bill Bierbaum with TPD Financial Crimes says, "The average check in this case was around $500 dollars, $498, something like that. Make it basically look like a typical payroll check. They're up to about $5,000 as far as loss to the merchants at this point."

Police say four of Jackson's accomplices had already been arrested, one telling police some of the bogus checks may have actually been printed using a computer at the public library.